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Hi there and welcome to my book blog!

I am a...

I am Nathalie, a seventeen-year old girl from Sweden. Which says nada about who I am, but still. This fall I'm starting my second year of Theatre studies at my school, and when I'm not in class I'm hanging out with my friends and making poor jokes. That's what I like to do - spend time with my friends and my family (and laugh at my own jokes), but I also like all things aestetichal, theatre, music, art... Musicals will always have a special place in my heart, alongside cookies and chocolate. Which, of course, I love. Like I said, I am human. 

I don't know who I would be if I didn't dream. I dream a lot and I dream big, because dreams are as important as breathing. Along my poor-jokes-side there is a part of me who takes the world very seriously, who wants to dig underneath the surface to find truths and meaning with everything. The part of me that thinks and feels the need to tell. I dream of one day walking past a bookstore and seeing my own work on the shelves in the display-windows, and it is a dream I try to work toward every day. Apart from that I also dream of being an actress, and hopefully I will at some point do both.

If you didn't guess when you clicked your way here, the runner of this book blog is a big time bookworm. Yes, there it is. My love for books is eternal, and my favorite sight is my beautiful bookshelf, a sight I wake up to every morning. Mostly I read Young Adult books, both Fantasy/Sci-Fi and Contemporary, but some of my favorite books are not from that genre and I try to vary my reads. If you ask me, a great book has good characters, good pace, a good plot, and something that makes it unique.

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Of course, this is what I will write about here. I will post reviews and hauls, make updates on my writing and sometimes, maybe one of those late-night-universe-big thoughts will slink through. I hope you like it!

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